There’s No Coming Back from This 

And just when we thought he was on his way back. There was quite a lot of happenings in the sports world this weekend, but the one that soared above them all was the Tiger Woods story. Woods was arrested and charged with a DUI over the weekend. Reports say he blew a .000 twice. This puzzled me initially because that meant that he was not drinking and driving upon his arrest. 

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It is now being reported that it was not alcohol, but prescription drugs that were found to be in his system at the time. So what does this mean for Woods going forward? Notable golfers and former golfers have responded differently. Fans too have their own opinions. Some saying that he needs help because something is obviously wrong.

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It is my opinion that he does need some form of treatment. We all know about his recent struggles with injuries and other things off the golf course. More seems to be going wrong than right for Woods these days. I think it is fair to say that the Woods we grew up watching is long gone. He is older now and this incident on top of the other issues he has had in the past couple of years have dragged him down rather than build him up. If it were up to me I would consider retiring from the sport entirely.

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