Spurs Fall Short in Playoffs 

It looks like Spurs fans will have to wait another year for a chance at bringing an NBA title back to San Antonio. Throughout their playoff run the Spurs faced tough competition. Going up against the likes of James Harden’s Houston Rockets and Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors. Unfortunately, the worst that could happen to any team during a playoff run, happened to the Spurs.

Photo by Pixabay.com


To fully understand why the Warriors are in the Finals and not the Spurs you have to go back to the series against the Houston Rockets. The Spurs suffered a crushing 126-99 defeat in Game 1 a pretty sizable margin, but nothing to be too worried about. Then in game two came the Tony Parker injury. This incident might have cost the Spurs the series, but contributions from Leonard and Aldridge were enough to beat the Rockets. 

Photo by Pixabay.com


Then came the series with the Golden State Warriors. This series was even more intense than the one before and had some controversy mixed in with it as well. I am of course referring to the Leonard-ZaZa incident that sidelined Leonard. With this occurrence both Leonard and Parker were out pretty much leaving the Spurs fate in the hands of Ginoboli, Aldridge and a few others. In my view the play was not dirty as some people believe. The video evidence was too questionable to argue any intent.

And so the Western Conference Champion Golden State Warriors will face off against either the Boston Celtics or Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland has a commanding 3-1 lead and, barring any late game comebacks by the Celtics, will probably face off against the Warriors in the NBA Finals. Who will emerge victorious in the end? It’s a tough call. With Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on one side, and Lebron James and JR Smith on the other there’s no doubt we will see a game seven. But in a head-to-head battle of powerhouse offenses, I am taking the Cavaliers in seven.

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