A Word on the First Place Houston Astros 

Baseball is one of those sports where momentum is always changing. Like an adolescent teenager, every day is different from the one before. In much of the same way every season is different from the one before. Every fan has certain expectations for their teams. But there are times when the team far surpasses those expectations. One of those teams is this year’s Houston Astros.

Photo by Carl Votti

 The Houston Astros I think are the biggest surprise to most baseball fans this season. Their current record after thirty-nine games played stands at 27-12, the best in the MLB. In fact, the 27-12 record is the best starting record in the history of the Houston Astros. What’s even more surprising is the lead they have on the second place Texas Rangers. It is not a small one at eight games separating the two teams. Suffice it to say the Houston Astros seem to be the only team in the American League West division that is winning. On top of that, the way in which that Astros have won most of their games might surprise you. Most of their wins have been comeback wins. In other words, the Astros fall behind early and comeback to win late.

Every baseball fan will agree that every team has a low point sometime during the season. The question is just a matter of when it will happen. As of right now the Astros seem to have yet to hit this bump in the road. The Texas Rangers on the other hand seem to have started their season with a bump in the road. The train seems to have derailed off the tracks for them. Even when it seems like the Astros are in a tailspin they somehow find ways to work themselves out of it. They may fall behind early, but that usually occurs early in games with plenty of time to comeback. The real question is can they keep this going? In my opinion, if they stay healthy yes they can.

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