MLB now Broadcasting on Twitter 

As I’m sure you know the 2017 Major League Baseball season is now in full swing. Hot dogs are roasting on grills around the country and the beer is flowing like Niagara Falls. Most of the division races at this point are tight, but that is to be expected when only twenty or so games have been played. However, something about this season is different from the last. The other day I was scrolling through Twitter and found a live broadcast of the Orioles vs Red Sox game, and I’m not talking about your everyday Twitter user live stream.

Photo by Carl Votti

Similarly, the NFL this past season started streaming their games on Twitter as well. In my opinion this is a great move by both Twitter and professional sports teams. On the one hand Twitter benefits from it’s users, sports teams benefit by growth in viewership and fans benefit because they can now watch their favorite team no matter where they are. But it’s not just sporting events that are being streamed live on Twitter. Based on the majority of advertisements run during these live streams, which are mostly ads for Twitter, there seems to be a growth in shows that are exclusive to Twitter, kind of like Netflix and Hulu.

I’m very excited to see where this goes in regards to how content will be consumed in the future. Will social media streaming take audience attention away from Netflix and Hulu like TV took away from radio?  Given that we already consume most of what we read, see and hear through our phones it could very well be possible.

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