Tom Brady skips White House Visit 

So the traditional White House visit by the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots was yesterday. Yeah, everyone get all excited! But wait a minute. Where is Tom? Oh, that’s right he couldn’t make it because of personal reasons. Now before you roll your eyes a least read the next sentence. The sports press really had a field day with this and it was rather off putting.

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If you recall Sage Steele was recently let go by ESPN for inserting her own personal stance on certain political issues into her commentary. It has since been reported that Michelle Beadle will be taking her place on NBA Countdown. I bring this up because in the sports media coverage of the White House visit I could not help but notice a certain tone in their reporting. They then began to speculate on Brady’s decision to skip the visit because of personal reasons. While I do not question the validity of the story that Brady decided to skip the visit, I do question the way in which it was reported. Sports networks are there to talk about one thing and one thing only: sports. They do not exist to discuss, or at least implicate, their thoughts on the current political sphere. There are other networks that specialize in that and sports networks are not one of them.

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