Snapchat versus Everyone Else: Social Media in Sports 

Have you noticed that most social media platforms have begun to look more and more like Snapchat? It seems as if video clips are becoming the way we see, or prefer to see, what’s going on in the world around us. Specifically, younger people have become much more of a “see it rather than read about it” generation. I myself being a millennial very much agree with this observation. 

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In my opinion, professional sports clubs have benefited the most from this shift from textual to visual format. There is no doubt that social media platforms are key when it comes to expanding the brand and fan base. Snapchat offers a more immersive experience when it comes to interacting with your favorite sports teams. With the release of Snapchat Spectacles fans were now able to experience the action not just by what the camera sees, but through a first person perspective as if they were there.

This has spurred other social media platforms to introduce similar elements within their mediums. For the most part it has worked. Instagram now has Instagram Stories and recently passed Snapchat in usage. Others still have to work out kinks and issues. Facebook for instance, while it has potential does not do that great of a job in the visual storytelling sphere other than FacebookLive. However, with time and usage I believe they can do just as well. 

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One thought on “Snapchat versus Everyone Else: Social Media in Sports 

  1. Great post! It will be interesting to see how the sports world will integrate augmented and virtual reality in their coverage as well. Talk about visual coverage!

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