From MLB Player to Team Owner 

And we thought we had heard the last of Derek Jeter, at least as a player, after he retired from baseball. It seems however that has now changed as he is now, or soon to be, the co-owner of the Miami Marlins. I say co-owner because Jeter is not the only person that has a hand in this deal. Former presidential candidate Jeb Bush will also hold ownership. 

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This is not the first time a Bush has been the owner of an MLB team. Jeb’s brother George at one point was the owner of the Texas Rangers organization. Similarly, Michael Jordan, former player of the Chicago Bulls, is now the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. I think many fans would agree that when a player retires from their sport they really only retire from playing the sport. The general trend I have seen in regards to retired players is that the team designate the retiree as “Special Assistant to the General Manager”. This way they are still in some way involved with the organization even though they do not play.

Back to my original point, I think it will be very interesting to see where the Marlins organization goes from here now that they are under new management. The club is definitely a rising powerhouse with established players such as Giancarlo Stanton. One final point I think I should make is will Jeter be treated the same way as he was when he was a player, or draw more criticism now that he has taken on an even bigger role? I tend to think that yes he will be more heavily criticized at least in the first couple of years. It may be even more awkward for reporters because the majority of the sports media has come to know him as a player. It will definitely be interesting to watch it unfold and even more interesting to see where the Marlins go from here.

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MLB now Broadcasting on Twitter 

As I’m sure you know the 2017 Major League Baseball season is now in full swing. Hot dogs are roasting on grills around the country and the beer is flowing like Niagara Falls. Most of the division races at this point are tight, but that is to be expected when only twenty or so games have been played. However, something about this season is different from the last. The other day I was scrolling through Twitter and found a live broadcast of the Orioles vs Red Sox game, and I’m not talking about your everyday Twitter user live stream.

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Similarly, the NFL this past season started streaming their games on Twitter as well. In my opinion this is a great move by both Twitter and professional sports teams. On the one hand Twitter benefits from it’s users, sports teams benefit by growth in viewership and fans benefit because they can now watch their favorite team no matter where they are. But it’s not just sporting events that are being streamed live on Twitter. Based on the majority of advertisements run during these live streams, which are mostly ads for Twitter, there seems to be a growth in shows that are exclusive to Twitter, kind of like Netflix and Hulu.

I’m very excited to see where this goes in regards to how content will be consumed in the future. Will social media streaming take audience attention away from Netflix and Hulu like TV took away from radio?  Given that we already consume most of what we read, see and hear through our phones it could very well be possible.

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Tom Brady skips White House Visit 

So the traditional White House visit by the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots was yesterday. Yeah, everyone get all excited! But wait a minute. Where is Tom? Oh, that’s right he couldn’t make it because of personal reasons. Now before you roll your eyes a least read the next sentence. The sports press really had a field day with this and it was rather off putting.

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If you recall Sage Steele was recently let go by ESPN for inserting her own personal stance on certain political issues into her commentary. It has since been reported that Michelle Beadle will be taking her place on NBA Countdown. I bring this up because in the sports media coverage of the White House visit I could not help but notice a certain tone in their reporting. They then began to speculate on Brady’s decision to skip the visit because of personal reasons. While I do not question the validity of the story that Brady decided to skip the visit, I do question the way in which it was reported. Sports networks are there to talk about one thing and one thing only: sports. They do not exist to discuss, or at least implicate, their thoughts on the current political sphere. There are other networks that specialize in that and sports networks are not one of them.

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Snapchat versus Everyone Else: Social Media in Sports 

Have you noticed that most social media platforms have begun to look more and more like Snapchat? It seems as if video clips are becoming the way we see, or prefer to see, what’s going on in the world around us. Specifically, younger people have become much more of a “see it rather than read about it” generation. I myself being a millennial very much agree with this observation. 

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In my opinion, professional sports clubs have benefited the most from this shift from textual to visual format. There is no doubt that social media platforms are key when it comes to expanding the brand and fan base. Snapchat offers a more immersive experience when it comes to interacting with your favorite sports teams. With the release of Snapchat Spectacles fans were now able to experience the action not just by what the camera sees, but through a first person perspective as if they were there.

This has spurred other social media platforms to introduce similar elements within their mediums. For the most part it has worked. Instagram now has Instagram Stories and recently passed Snapchat in usage. Others still have to work out kinks and issues. Facebook for instance, while it has potential does not do that great of a job in the visual storytelling sphere other than FacebookLive. However, with time and usage I believe they can do just as well. 

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Formula 1 is Back! 

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while since my last post but I’m officially back and eager to get writing again. Over the length of this brief hiatus I have come to realize that there are too many exciting happenings in the world of sports that I can’t not write about it. So with that l let’s get started.

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Ah yes it is once again that time of year. The time of year when the world comes together to witness a spectacle unlike any other. I am of course referring to Formula 1 racing season. So far there have only been three races, but they have been no less exciting than before. In fact, this year’s races have already had its fair share of surprises.

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The Scuderia Ferrari team for one is off to a fantastic start this season. Their main driver Sebastian Vettel has won two out of the first three races. I think this year is Ferrari’s year, but to truly understand their resurgence I think you have to go back to the final race of last year’s season in Abu Dhabi. The MercedesAMG Petronas team had been leading all year and would eventually take the crown with Nico Rosberg. However, Sebastian Vettel of Scuderia Ferrari finished second which I doubt anyone saw coming considering they had struggled all year.

I am a fan of Scuderia Ferrari, so I am very happy about how the races have gone. Will they be able to keep up the consistency? We will have to see. So far everything seems to be going as planned. If Ferrari hasn’t already I would say that MercedesAMG Petronas will end up chasing Scuderia Ferrari for the championship. 

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