The Not so Surprising First Round 

Well that was surprising, or not. The first round of the NCAA March Madness Tournament is coming to a close and the field of sixty-eight has been trimmed to thirty-two. This year’s tournament has been an exciting one, but different from others that came before. If this is your first year filling out a bracket and went with the favorite in most matchups, congratulations you have actually done surprisingly well. Unfortunately, like most of the brackets out there you too are bust. 

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If your bracket is lucky enough to survive the first, chances are you will not survive the second. I have always found collegiate sports to be more competitive in some respects. There is often more at stake than in professional leagues. The fact that college basketball only plays two quarters instead of four like the NBA, I believe, puts more pressure on the players to perform well and makes the game more exciting.

As far as what will see come round two, I can’t tell you and that probably is the mindset of other fans as well. More upsets are on the horizon though of that I am sure. All we can do is watch and wait. There is a good amount of games still to be played until we reach the final four and eventually the championship game.

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