Dak Prescott or Tony Romo: The Cowboys Quarterback Question

They say NFL fans are the best fans in the world. That one wouldn’t find fans like the NFL has anywhere else. But I think even some of those fans would say that the Dallas Cowboys fans are a different kind of fan that sets them apart from everyone else. In past seasons the Cowboys never seemed to get it right. There were always some issues, offensively or defensively, that needed to be fixed. However, now it seems like they are doing everything right and the only thing stopping the Dallas Cowboys is themselves.

Over the past couple of weeks there has been speculation on whether the Dallas Cowboys should start Tony Romo or Dak Prescott. I’m really not sure why this is even worth the time and discussion. In my view, to say that Dak Prescott is showing his inexperience as a rookie is warranted, but even the great quarterbacks had their fair share of bad games. And given the Cowboys current record of 12-2, I can’t imagine there being too much to worry about.

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It’s hard to tell what might happen to the Dallas Cowboys in regards to the quarterback position. If it were me making the decisions I would stick with Dak as my starting quarterback. But as I said before you’re never quite sure what the Dallas Cowboys will do. It could be something that everyone thinks is completely crazy. But if it works for them and it gets the team closer to winning a championship, then we better get used to it.




The Dallas Stars Dilemma

It is no mystery to any sports fan that slumps happen. Every team goes through a slump at least once during every season; it’s just a matter of when it occurs. Ideally, I would imagine teams would rather encounter slumps earlier in the year than later. Timing can either help your team, or it can hurt. However, slumping can start to become an issue when they are continuous.

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I have been a fan of the Dallas Stars for quite some time now. Last season I was very pleased to see the Stars perform the way they did. Unfortunately, this season has seen its struggles. There could be a number of explanations for the struggles the Stars have seen, but the most obvious to me is injury. 

There is no question that hockey is a contact sport. I have watched my fair share of hockey games to know that aggressiveness is part of the game and every sport has their own definition for it. I don’t really know what the exact answer is in order for the Dallas Stars to start winning more games. All I can say is, the only way for them to get better is to keep playing and going game by game. 

Goodbye Tal’s Hill, Postseason Acqusitions

I strongly believe that baseball is one of the best and most unique sports in the world. From squeeze bunts to defensive shifts and behind the back flips, baseball always keeps you on the edge of your seat. However, there are many aspects that I think often get overlooked. Unique stadium features also make the game fun and engaging.

Photo by Carl Votti

Unfortunately, one of these unique stadium features is being retired during this offseason. I am speaking of Tal’s Hill at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. Yes, there is also the train that sits atop the left field wall, the Crawford boxes, but some would say Tal’s Hill is iconic, flagpole and all. Am I sad to see Tal’s Hill go, yes, but I’m even more excited for what is planned for Minute Maid Park’s center field come the 2017 season: more seating and restaurant space. I could not be more excited. 

Along with changes to the field itself the team is going to look very different from this past season. Postseason acquisitions are always exciting, especially when a team that maybe wasn’t so good last season, picks up some of the best players available. There were not many contract extensions made and some teams, “face-of-the-franchise” players are no longer there. Let the countdown begin to the 2017 MLB season. 

Virtual Reality Becoming the Norm?

Being a sports fan, I watch plenty of highlights and lowlights day after day. My phone is constantly buzzing or ringing to notify me of big plays, lead changes and miracle comeback wins. I have started to notice however, that not only are there regular video highlights, but also live streaming video and virtual reality (VR) videos as well. One sport where this new technology seems most prevalent is baseball.

Photo by Carl Votti

A couple of months ago, Texas State University held MassComm Week: a week-long event with guest speakers that work in the mass communication field. I attended the event with one of my mates to see what it was all about. It was an eye opening experience for me and I could not be more excited for my future in the field of mass communication. There was one event that had the biggest impact on me: the event on virtual reality and 360 video. 360 video/VR production was not really a field I had originally considered as being a potential career choice. However, with many businesses/content creators relying more and more on videos, whether live or not, what was once thought of as a hobby to certain groups has become a go to medium and has potential to grow even bigger than it is now.

Photo by Carl Votti

Now more and more I have noticed that major news media even social media platforms have begun to gravitate more towards video streaming. In the most recent Facebook update I noticed that Facebook has now dedicated an entire section to live video. Major League Baseball (MLB) has started to produce virtual reality videos as well taking the fan experience to a whole new level.  I would expect to see other sports organizations start to use live-streaming and virtual reality regularly.

My Semester of Blogging 

And just like that a semester, like most of them, has come and gone. However, this semester was different than the rest. For example, I started this blog. I had discussed previously with friends and family my desire to start a blog, but was unsure on where to begin. Thankfully, with some instruction and schooling I was able to start a blog that quite possibly jumpstart my career in the field of media. So with that I would like to take a look back on how this blog has performed these past few months. 

Based on the data that I have collected from both WordPress and my social media streams, it looks like my most popular month was September. My best guess as to why this might be being because I had just started blogging, so my blog was something new. I can attribute most of my blogs reach to Twitter. I was already on Twitter even before starting my blog so I already knew how it operated and I would say I was successful in promoting it through that medium.

One thing that I might change in the future in order to maximize viewership is the hashtags that I use within my promotions of the blog and posting more frequently. One thought that came to mind is utilizing more visuals such as pictures and/or video, almost like a vlog. I have been very pleased with how this blog turned out though. I might be creating another blog sometime in the future on another topic that I enjoy so be on the lookout for it. I really think this blog is just the beginning though. It’s hard for me to predict what might happen in the future but that is what has made this experience worthwhile for me.