MLB Postseason 2016 (so far) 

Most sports fans will agree that postseason play, in any sport, is one of the most exciting times of the year. When I think of the word playoffs, two words come to mind: unpredictable and uncertainty. One team may be down three games to none and the next day come back and win the series. I believe that the one sport where these two words most apply is baseball. The best example of this unpredictability, is this year’s Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs.

However, before we get into that, let’s start with the 2016 regular season. Of course, no one can deny that the big story was the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs finished the regular season with a record of 103-58; the closest any team has come to the single-season record of 116-46 set by the 2001 Mariners. I attended a Cubs game this past June and they looked like a team that could win the World Series. They are a lineup that has a lot of power. At the game I attended the Cubs totaled 5 home runs against Pittsburgh Pirates eventually winning 10-4.

Overall, the majority of fans will say that postseason baseball is a different kind of animal. Based on the current situation with both the American League Championship Series (ALCS) and the National League Championship Series (NLCS), this belief could not be more true. I don’t think anyone could have predicted that the Cleveland Indians would win the AL Central, let alone be one win away from the World Series. On top of that, considering what the Cubs did in the regular season, I doubt anyone could have predicted the Los Angeles Dodgers would be the one team that could knock the Cubs out of the playoffs. I strongly believe that the MLB postseason is and will continue to be, one of the most exciting in all of sports.



Peer Review Blog

I’d like to take a moment to break from the usual course this blog follows and tell my readers a little bit about what I have discovered since starting this blog. I have always dreamed of starting my very own blog, but was unsure where to begin. What platform should I use, there are many, what would my topic be and how often would I post? Originally, I thought Tumblr would be a good site to start off with, but I soon discovered WordPress and haven’t looked back.  So far, the blogging experience has been fun and I have enjoyed it very much. I would like to take some time and give a review of a fellow blogger.

In the short amount of time that I have been blogging I have encountered numerous sports blogs, each with their own perspectives and opinions. Out of all of the sports blogs I have seen, I have been very impressed by Bethany Perales’ blog, “The X’s and O’s of TXST Football.” As a sports fan and Texas State student, there is a plethora of information on what is happening around Texas State football. Where originally I may have gone to a major sports website, visiting this particular blog has convinced me otherwise. What amazes me more is how some of the images have been incorporated within the text by having the text wrap around the image rather than have it isolated on its own.


Of course with all good things there can always be something to be improved upon. One of the things I believe can be improved is grammar. As I read one article I sometimes catch a few grammar and punctuation mistakes. This of course is easily fixable. One of the tools that helps me is reading through your post before you actually post it. I would even go so far as to say read it aloud. Often times reading out loud will help you catch your mistakes because what you say won’t sound correct. Apart from that I would definitely recommend this blog to anyone who is a fan of Texas State football. Keep up the good work!

The NFL’s New Rules

I think all sports fans can recall at least one instance, in the history of their fandom, where an official made a bad call. Whether it influenced the outcome of the game or not, a vast majority would probably agree that the call was bad. It is not uncommon for sports fans to give the official a little bit of grief when such a call is made. However, we generally let it go after a period of time and move on. The official was just doing their job and who can blame them for it? On the other hand, when rules change that’s when it can get complicated.

Most recently, the National Football League (NFL) has seen an uptick in the number of penalties related to taunting and excessive celebration. Usually fans would think little of it and pass it off as significant, but not significant enough that it would become an issue. However, this is different because of the ultimate penalty that such a call carries: ejection from the game entirely. It may not be as big an issue if the reasons why players are being ejected for made sense. The fact remains that some, if not most of them don’t.

Baseball went through a similar rule change in 2016 with the implementation of a new slide rule. Also known as, “The Utley Rule”, in honor of Chase Utley’s infamous slide into second base that broke Ruben Tejada’s leg in last year’s playoffs, it says that the baserunner must make a direct slide into the base. At the start of the season there was some confusion on what a legal slide was. That aside, it looks to me like the NFL is going through similar confusion with its new rules. Some may say that the rules committee is trying to change the game and not for the better, but I believe that in time will come clarity on what is legal and what is not. Fans will learn to accept the new rules for what they are and we can all get back to enjoying the game for what it is.

Tim Tebow (baseball player) 

Yes, you read that right. Tim Tebow is now a baseball player. Now while that is exciting, it is not the first time we have seen a professional player jump from one sport to another. There have been quite a number of past players that have made similar moves. Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks started his professional career with the Texas Rangers baseball club; those old enough will remember Bo Jackson who played football and baseball and who could forget that Michael Jordan, at one time, played for the Chicago White Sox.

Even before Tebow made his decision on a team, there was speculation on where he might end up. Some analysts thought he may go to the Tampa Bay Rays. I was hopeful that he might sign with a team that was in a rebuilding phase like Arizona or Minnesota. Eventually, he ended up signing with the New York Mets, but only to a minor league deal. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be a power bat in the baseball world coming from the NFL.

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The only question in my mind is his longevity. Gators fans loved him while he was at the University of Florida, taking them to a championship. However, when he reached the NFL things just seemed to fall apart. Whether we see Tebow reach the majors or not is hard to say but he is already making waves in the minors. It was just announced that he will be playing in the upcoming Arizona Fall League, so there is definitely going to be a large crowd, maybe even larger than usual. Either way Tebow’s progression through the minor leagues and potentially the majors is definitely going to be worth watching.